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Intro:  Keep in mind that the very classic, and nearly unchanged, design by the Marchioni brothers in 1946 does have a few variations as it moved in ownership from the Marchionis to Leitz; Leitz to Fred Albu's Unifot and StarD;  from Fred Albu to North Hollywood's Omicron Electronics; and from the cousins Omicron to the present owner, Oliver Yang, KINGHOME, Taipei.  Most folk, including me, do not realize "their" Tiltall is part of these lineages. To make matters more confusing, the current manufacturer markets various non-Marchioni designs under the "Tiltall" brand.  This blog supports only the Marchioni design and its iterations. Not all the information on my blog will necessarily prove true across the various iterations.  Do tell me the manufacturer if you questions are not answered here:

Q: My column does not hold anymore?
A: Your inside bushing has become too thin to hold. In less than 15 minutes you are going to find that new bushing - make a slow wander of your studio/workshop and/or home - think: plastic milk carton;  of a plastic 35mm film can or the film itself - 35mm, better 4x5.  You are looking for nylon-ish, flexible, a little "tooth" perhaps - a stiff plastic bag - a candy wrapper or other wrapping material.a plastic 8.5 x11 inch term report / presentation cover.  Cut to match dimensions of your existing bushing and install in  - you may need to make a couple or three tries.  I could send you the strip bushing, presently made, but it would be too thin or too thick.  Let me know what you ended up using and I will add to the blog.

Here are further posts to change bushing:
Related problem: strangely YOUR handles seem to have stopped tightening.

Q: My legs are stuck - do I need new bushings?  
A: 92% of the time, the problem is fine grit in the bushing threads. A careful cleaning is in order:

Q: Do you have replacement feet?  
A: Mainly a NO with a little yes. Feet changed more through the various manufacturers than any other part and the most recent version has been discontinued.  Consider the ancient but not forgotten art of cannibalism via "very used" Ebay Tiltall of your iteration.  Check these posts:

Q: I just ordered new TEP handles from you and they don't work?
A: Earlier Tiltall iterations - Marchioni, Leitz and some Unifot/StarD have a longer bolt which you Dremel folk could cut off, but it is suggested to find an OD 3/8"x ID 1/4" by 3/8-1/2 " long sleeve.
Related problem: strangely YOUR handles seem to have stopped tightening.

Q: Do you have offer or suggest a Monoball head or fluid heads? No, but check the headless column.
A: I do offer a headless column for Tiltall (first link below), but I do not sell fluid heads or monoballs.  This is a very personal decision and the prices vary widely. There is a recommended list of best monoballs at the second link.

Q: Do you have a Tiltall Quick Release (QR) plate available?
A: No, search Adorama or BH for a universal quick release platform.  I do know that some photographers have removed the standard round tiltall camera platform and replaced it with a QR plate but this is a personal task at customization.