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Monday, February 15, 2010

Replacement Center Column Bush for Marchioni

From: Richard Karash, Feb 14, 2010

Hello Gary -- Following another blog post, I tried making a replacement for the paper/fiber bushing. A white/translucent Fuji 35mm film "can" looks just about right. Cutting a strip carefully to the right size, matching it to the existing fiber bushing. It's a great replacement for the paper/fiber bushing, perhaps a little thicker, which should help those who cannot lock the center column.

However, your headless column has a slightly larger diameter, so I have the opposite problem: I need a thinner bushing. After trying several approaches, drawing the plastic tightly over the sharp edge of a good scissors planes off a little at a time.  After a dozen strokes, I have a new plastic bushing that is just right...  I can slide the column up and down, but a moderate twist of the knob locks it down tight. Thanks for the excellent support of Tiltall. -Rick

Captions, photo above: Fuji 35mm film "can" has just about the right amount of plastic, right shape, and right thickness to replace the original Marchioni paper/fiber bushing Inset: Dark Marchioni paper/fiber bushing compared to my new plastic bushing from Fuji Film "can."  The white plastic is about the same thickness as the original, perhaps a little thicker. As is, it should help those with slipping center column.


  1. I have an original Marchioni and a Uniphot. The original does not appear to have a top bushing at all: there is no grove to hold the bushing as in the Uniphot (and of course no bushing). Not only would the film can plastic be too thick but there is no way to hold it in place. Any ideas how to improve grip save for getting a bigger knob to really torque it down?

  2. We just purchased an EBay Marchioni. Will post differences.


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