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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gams without Jams

From Daniel Wong- Attached is a photo showing three (3) different versions of the leg lock
design on my own Tiltalls: Left:  Early model Leitz Tiltall tripod.  (best-working; all brass, similar to Marchioni); Middle:  Late model Leitz Tiltall monopod.  (better-working; brass and plastic); Right:  Star-D Tiltall tripod.  (cheaply designed; soft nylon.  Aluminum locking collar threaded onto an aluminum tube - a metallurgical no-no. Note that the nylon bushing has formed a small ridge as a result of repeated jams).


  1. How long before the Star-D nylon bushing needs a replacement or tweaking. With hard use are we looking at years or many years?


  2. Hard question. Since most Star-Ds are already 20+ years old, guess would be many more years.


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