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Monday, February 22, 2010

Marchioni Tiltall with detachable leg

Gary- You say in any earlier post that "If you own a Marchioni Tiltall with a 1/4-20 termination, let me know. The mythical belief is that the advent of the removable leg came with the 1/4-20 column base."  I have a Marchioni Tiltall, from late 1960s and it definitely has the removable leg. The original column cap fit it (to be a monopod), but I have since replaced it with your column which supports ballheads. I doubt this is new information, so I am a bit puzzled with your statement above. - Wayne Fulton
Wayne- Your are right, my statement is not at all clear.  With your Marchioni Tiltall - once the leg is removed from the Marchioni body, is there a "TEP-6" tripodie-type (1/4-20) base to then screw into top of this leg - or asked differently - how does your removable leg become a monopod. My Marchioni has no removable leg and only an open- ended stop at the bottom of the column. You have definitely squished the myth that the detachable leg came after Marchioni. - Gary

Gary- Oops!   Sorry, I cannot defend the monopod idea now...  I think you are correct.  I am glad you asked. The original center column had the screw-in stop on the bottom end of it, mine shown here (original column at bottom, reversed end to end).    That cap removes and will screw into the removed leg. However I discover that it is open ID and no monopod is possible, so there is no point of that.  There is a smooth one inch hole in it. I have never used the monopod, however it was always my notion that it provided one.  I am making this up now, but perhaps there was an accessory cap with 1/4" screw that did that?  My memory fails me now on this.    Anyway, it comes as a big surprise to me.    But why else would one leg unscrew? But my memory came from somewhere, and all these years, I have always "known" that one leg removed to be a monopod. I see no marking or distinction on the leg which removes, you have to find it.  Sometimes you have to use a little (reasonable) force to get it started loose, but no tools, bare hands only.  One leg will, and two will not, AFAIK.   I always assumed all Tiltalls did this. It is still a mighty fine tripod. -Wayne

Monday, February 15, 2010

Replacement Center Column Bush for Marchioni

From: Richard Karash, Feb 14, 2010

Hello Gary -- Following another blog post, I tried making a replacement for the paper/fiber bushing. A white/translucent Fuji 35mm film "can" looks just about right. Cutting a strip carefully to the right size, matching it to the existing fiber bushing. It's a great replacement for the paper/fiber bushing, perhaps a little thicker, which should help those who cannot lock the center column.

However, your headless column has a slightly larger diameter, so I have the opposite problem: I need a thinner bushing. After trying several approaches, drawing the plastic tightly over the sharp edge of a good scissors planes off a little at a time.  After a dozen strokes, I have a new plastic bushing that is just right...  I can slide the column up and down, but a moderate twist of the knob locks it down tight. Thanks for the excellent support of Tiltall. -Rick

Captions, photo above: Fuji 35mm film "can" has just about the right amount of plastic, right shape, and right thickness to replace the original Marchioni paper/fiber bushing Inset: Dark Marchioni paper/fiber bushing compared to my new plastic bushing from Fuji Film "can."  The white plastic is about the same thickness as the original, perhaps a little thicker. As is, it should help those with slipping center column.