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Friday, April 24, 2009

TEP6 base vs Marchioni base

Note that present day Tiltall TEP6 base with 1/4-20 tripod screw (left) is a newer idea and different thread count than the original Marchioni column base termination. The addition of the tripod screw seems to have happened either with the later Uniphot version or with the Omicron folks. The idea no doubt occured with photographers using a Leitz, StarD or Uniphot Tiltall and adding a 1/4-20 bolt in the center of the solid end cap at the bottom of the column. (Marchioni has/had a "donut" end stop with a hollow center).

Thanks to Brian Wolfe, of Classic Cameras, Tehachapi, California for photo comparison. If you own a Marchioni Tiltall with a 1/4-20 termination (ie present TEP-6), let me know. The mythical belief is that the advent of the removable leg came at the same time as the 1/4-20 tripod threaded column base. Ed. note - see later post as this is not true - removable leg came long before TEP6 monopod idea - why?