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Monday, March 13, 2023

Looking for a Tiltall "foot"? go Cannibal!

My answers to an occasional inquiry, but lately, one coming more frequently.  Where to find a replacement foot for a Tiltall? That, as I say here, "is a knotty conundrum" with no perfect answer.  And, an earlier post here.

Short answer: In the USA, get a rubber cane tip at a Home Depot or Lowes for the missing rubber foot.

Alternatively, try the ancient, tried and true, rite of Cannibalism!! put up a "watch" on eBay of an exact match of the Tiltall that you own - as each company changed the design of their foot "solution" [as the image above].  So, be it the original Marchioni, or Leitz, who purchased the design from the Marchioni brothers. Or, Fred Albu's Unifot and StarD, or one of the three or maybe five other iterations - get a matching used Tiltall to the one you now own.  Your tasty victim can be less than cosmetically perfect.  Then blend the Tiltall you have with any interesting parts, including a foot or two, from the one purchased on eBay. [And sell off the remaining Tiltall morsels on eBay - sell a handle, here, a column or leg, there, that eyeball, afar.]

More history and a selfie with the current owner of the TILTALL trademark, Oliver Yang.  FYI- even the new feet of Oliver's current production of models "TE-01S, TE-01B, TE-01G" do not fit his own earlier KingHome Tiltalls.  As with most everything else in life, the "show" and the "improvements". . .must go on.

The short story below - Left: Oliver's new feet. Do they look familiar? NOT.  On right: Easiest solution. In the USA- Lowes, Home Depot, Ace, and most medical supply stores.