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Saturday, September 30, 2017

TEP1 handles in hand

We now have very good inventory in the single handle I offer - the TEP1.  Some of you have inquired a good time ago.  Please re-send your interest and address.  Handles are $18 includes postage. My direct email is garyregester (at)

 If you have reviewed my order page, this is the only handle I suggest.  I do keep a few of the longer TEP 2 in stock, but do not recommend the recently re-designed, now smaller, bullet-shaped version of the formerly squared TEP4.

[The even smaller grip area of the TEP3 handle stopped back in the day of the Uniphot/StarD/ Fred Albu Tiltall.]

Important NOTE: - as earlier blog post - Leitz and Marchioni Tiltalls may need a spacing sleeve (Home Depot or Lowes) to effectively lengthen the present iteration of the TEP1 handle - that is, if the 1/4-20 bolt is extending out from the cover sleeve, you will need a spacer because the current threaded hole is not long enough.  Subsequent iterations - Uniphot, StarD, Omicron and present KingHome, do not need to be "lengthened".

If you want to go with the original handles, then put up a search on eBay and watch for a good price on an entire Tiltall -  then blend together with yours - mixing the best of the two into one.  Stick with the same iteration - Leitz with Leitz, Uniphot with Uniphot, etc.  Handles are interchangeable, but blending feet and legs go best with same manufacturer.

As you have probably learned that all four of the original Tiltall handles - short top bullet-shaped TEP1, long top bullet TEP2, rise/fall disk-shaped TEP3 and pan tube-shaped TEP4 - were interchangeable from any of the four positions.  So, it follows that the single bullet TEP1 - my sole offering - can be used at all four positions.  For history buffs: TEP3 seems to have ended with Uniphoto Tiltall in favor of two TEP4s. TEP4 was replaced by a tiny bullet shaped handle about two years ago.