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Monday, March 13, 2023

Looking for a Tiltall "foot"? go Cannibal!

My answers to an occasional inquiry, but lately, one coming more frequently.  Where to find a replacement foot for a Tiltall? That, as I say here, "is a knotty conundrum" with no perfect answer.  And, an earlier post here.

Short answer: In the USA, get a rubber cane tip at a Home Depot or Lowes for the missing rubber foot.

Alternatively, try the ancient, tried and true, rite of Cannibalism!! put up a "watch" on eBay of an exact match of the Tiltall that you own - as each company changed the design of their foot "solution" [as the image above].  So, be it the original Marchioni, or Leitz, who purchased the design from the Marchioni brothers. Or, Fred Albu's Unifot and StarD, or one of the three or maybe five other iterations - get a matching used Tiltall to the one you now own.  Your tasty victim can be less than cosmetically perfect.  Then blend the Tiltall you have with any interesting parts, including a foot or two, from the one purchased on eBay. [And sell off the remaining Tiltall morsels on eBay - sell a handle, here, a column or leg, there, that eyeball, afar.]

More history and a selfie with the current owner of the TILTALL trademark, Oliver Yang.  FYI- even the new feet of Oliver's current production of models "TE-01S, TE-01B, TE-01G" do not fit his own earlier KingHome Tiltalls.  As with most everything else in life, the "show" and the "improvements". . .must go on.

The short story below - Left: Oliver's new feet. Do they look familiar? NOT.  On right: Easiest solution. In the USA- Lowes, Home Depot, Ace, and most medical supply stores.


Saturday, March 11, 2023

Tiltallsupport's Telescoping Headless Column

A "headless" monocolumn option for folks wishing to add a monoball, gimbal or fluid head to their classic Tiltall tripod, but who did not want to destroy their Tiltall head and column assembly in the process.
Introduced ten years ago - now (March 2023) in its fourth production - yes we have inventory - thank you all for the nice response.

Telescoping Monocolumn concept:  Shown left and below.  The clever Marchioni brothers used the same diameter tube stock in their original Tiltall head and column assembly as they used in the upper, and largest, leg section.  An efficient use of materials and necessary extrusion dies.  Ofcourse the outer leg section telescopes to the next diameter down, and etc.  So with just a bit of lateral thinking - ergo - why not a telescoping monocolumn using the existing "leg" tubes?

Color: No option! Everyone seems to prefer black - so with Henry Ford's 1909 suggestion, "You can have any color as long as it's black."

Compatibility: Headless column works easiest (a possible inner bushing switch) with the iterations that followed the original Marchioni Tiltall.  So, ready compatibility with Tiltalls by Leitz, Uniphot/StarD, Omincron, and the present, KingHome.  The original Marchioni is possible with the brothers' later designs ( "shoulder" version with a removable bushing), but, please, with some discussions by email before purchase - garyregester(at) - please do not order for a Marchioni original Tiltall without this conversation.

Caveat!:  Telescoping column - I am the leading anti-column rise proponent. Shoot ONLY from that top apex (meeting point) of the three legs and never, ever, never use an extension of a column - period - much less a telescoping column - OMG!  Some have questioned the need of a telescoping column - but extended or not, a double walled column aka a heavier column probably helps dampens any vibrations better than the original single walled column.  AND, if ever pressed to need to be just a little bit higher, well, then, OK, extend the column and, yes, maybe even deploy that telescoping feature you just happen to be carrying aboard your Tiltall.  

Price: $65 includes USPS Priority service within USA.  Orders outside USA, $45usd plus actual delivery costs or we can use your courier account.

Specs: Diameter of larger section 32.06mm / 1.262 inches; Diameter of telescoping section 25.40mm / 1.000 inch; Overall collapsed length - 54.5mm / 21.5 inches; Overall extended length - 97.5mm / 38-3/8 inches; Weight - 0.44kg  / 15.4 oz  Shipping weight: 0.60kg / 1.3lb  Additional feature:  The 3/8"-16 "top" thread stud (shown left) can be reversed to a 1/4"-20 thread.  Also, this column fits some of the lighter duty Gitzo modles, such as the Studex - compare ID of column "tube".

Last, YES, we have NO Monoball Heads - None, Nada, Zip - Again, we do not plan to market any monoballs or video heads.  We believe this a very, very personal decision.  And, though, China's monoball designs are gaining on USA and EU designs, they ain't there yet. Take a look at our earlier blog on this subject for suggestions.


      INSTRUCTONS: Take a read through this entire list to get an overview before you begin - and better, before you order.
      Step 1) Remove existing Column - first, bottom column stop - Remove ring (Marchioni, Leitz) or solid metal stop (Leitz, Unifot) or TEP6 1/4"-20 camera placement (Unifot, StarD, KingHome) from the bottom of your existing column.  Loosen column handles, then raise and remove your existing column.
      Step 2) INSTALL NEW COLUMN. Remove the TEP6 1/4"-20 camera placement from the "bottom" of your new headless monocolumn and reverse the installation as above.  This is a hand job, no pliers.

      Step 3) INNER BUSHING. Your existing inner bushing strip - may or may not work with the new column.  Leitz in particular is thicker.  Dont mislay the existing inner bushing as it is your template for the new one.  [Also, dont lose track of it, so you can again use the original column/head.]
     Step 4) FIND New Bushing. Now in less than 15 minutes you are going to find that new bushing - make a slow wander of your studio/workshop and/or home - think: plastic milk carton; slice of a plastic 35mm film can or the film itself - 35mm, better 4x5; a plastic 8.5 x11 inch term report / presentation cover. You are looking for nylon-ish, flexible, a little "tooth" perhaps - a stiff plastic bag - a candy wrapper or other wrapping material.  Cut to match dimensions and install in groove - you may need to make a couple or three tries.  I could send you the strip bushing, presently made, but it would be too thin or too thick.  Let me know what you ended up using and I will add to the blog. 
     Step 5) TOP PLATE - "top" 3/8"-16 stud (used with most ballheads/videoheads) can be flipped over to switch to a 1/4"-20 stud (used with a few heads and quickreleases).  Note two small allen studs, one is a registration pin - the other, the stop to allow the stud switch over. Unscrew top allen, flip stud, screw down and secure with allen stud.

       Let me know (by email) where I am not clear - this instruction writing business is never easy.