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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bunny Yeager used a Tiltall

FYI- Bunny Yeager used a Tiltall
7:36 AM (32 minutes ago)
-Joe Farace

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yet more StarD Tiltall puzzle

Subject: TEP-4 B
Message: Hi Gary,
I am refurbishing a Star-D and I am interested in a pair of TEP-4 in Black.  I seem to remember that the Star-D will accept parts that are made for a TiltAll.

Jim- Yes, if the StarD in question is the Tiltall clone - there were about 10 other StarD models over the years - jpeg me. -Gary

Attached are jpegs of my tripod, it is a TiltAll clone (I was not aware that Star-D made other models).  So I think that the TEP-4's will fit.  Just as a side note, I have owned this tripod since the early 70's and currently I have it fitted with a Gitzo series 3 center column so that I can use my ball head.

Jim - It is interesting is the yellow label saying "New York" as the Davidson Company was/is in Los Angeles. Hopefully someone reading the blog can fill us in on the NY/LA relationship or lack thereof.  I am beginning to agree with others that the "StarD" tripods of Davidson were unrelated to the StarD Tiltall, though I am puzzled as to why one would lift the brand "StarD" without some agreement.

Several have used the  Gitzo 3 column with their Tiltall.  In fact, I have my Tiltall head/column in my Gitzo.  Turnabout is said to be fair play.