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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Learning curve - feet Two

The original Marchioni foot (left) had a descending spike through a fixed rubber tip.  The foot in current production follows  the opposite design - a fixed spike with a descending rubber tip - a change in design that I believe occurred with the Marchioni brothers before they sold the company to Leitz USA, but a design that certainly exists on the later Uniphot version and the StarD version.  If you own a late Marchioni, Leitz or StarD Tiltall, kindly submit a foot jpeg to correct this post and for the edification of your fellow aficionados.


  1. Well, looks like I'm going to throw a wrench in the works here... How about "none of the above"?

    More info in myTiltall blog post.

    Basically it's a very cheap rubber foot that appears to have been original on my Leitz Tiltall that I picked up recently. Gary, feel free to integrate that link into the post if you like.

  2. Howdy!
    Is there an Order page? The link hurls me back to the blogspot page.
    I need a threaded foot for an early 80's StarD. Just the bolt/rubber/spike, which just rattled off somewhere in the Bisti Badlands- can any 3/8 post footpad work?

    1. Hmmm? The order/Inquiry link seems to be in good working order. Here it is again -
      For those who cannot find the Order/Inquiry link, keep in mind that posting a note to me does not provide me your email address - this means that about 50 people are wondering what is wrong with my social graces. Answer: aint got none. Use the link. Posts are to share info with other Tiltall folk, not to make inquiries or orders.


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