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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cigars anyone??- new Tiltall Grandbaby

Oliver Yang, present manufacturer of the original Tiltall, has recently completed the design and first production of a direct descendant of the Marchioni Tiltall - in two versions, an aluminum tube and in a lighter carbon fiber tube, in two sizes. (Shown at left, larger carbon TC-284 with ball head BH-3, click on photo to enlarge.) Tiltall's grandbaby continues the reversable center column, removable leg cum monopod and spike/rubber leg tip, but adds a monoball head and three stop legs that folds over the ball head (see my earlier "dream" post) for a compact carry-on size.  Stats: Smaller carbon TC-254 closed: 42cm; extended: 142cm; weight: 1050g; Larger carbon TS-284 closed: 50.5cm; extend: 172cm; weight: 1430g; Smaller Alum TE-254 Closed: 42cm; Extend: 142cm; Weight: 1300g; Larger Alum TE-284 Closed: 50.5cm; Extend: 172cm; Weight: 1640g. Adorama is the first USA dealer - selling the smaller aluminum Tiltall Traveler TE-254 with smaller ball head BH-20 for $130.