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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Learning curve - feet

More notes from the field - The Uniphot (Woodside NY) foot (left) looks like it has very close to the same diameter post as the current production foot (right) and probably had/has a fixed spike/decending rubber (Note: Marchioni had decending spike/fixed rubber - see next post). But the Uniphot definitely has different threads - as per my order page, this is where the "may need a machinist" comes in - the ID of the last section of leg may need to be re-threaded. Or try to force things and/or copious amounts of epoxy for a very permanent solution. Alternatively, watch EBay for a Uniphoto Tiltall and cannibalize the parts as you need them.  (If you end up not using the current foot, please return ofcourse without paying.)  Photo and question from Jerome Crowder