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Friday, January 23, 2009

All Tiltalls (do not) have a MonoPod

With the present production (KingHome) of Tiltall, one of the tripod legs is removable (#1 from #3 above), usually the tripod leg marked with the logo or label. Unscrew the small tripod "platform" (#2 above) (TEP6) at the bottom of the column. Screw TEP6 into the top of the leg and presto! whamo! a monopod for still or to stabilize video motion.  I believe this is true with the Uniphot and Star-D version, but (see next) it does not seem to be the case with Leitz and the original Marchioni design. 

New EDIT: Recent visit (Oct 09), by a Leitz Tiltall owner together the photo post above, seem to indicate that the TEP6 platform was a recent iteration - my guess is during the Star-D period as the Los Angeles company, Star-D added a whole number of "un-orthodox" "improvements" to Tiltall taken from innovations available on their other tripods (as example, a quick camera release).  The stop at the bottom of the Marchioni and Leitz versions, at least the older Leitz versions DO NOT accept the TEP6 platform.  Your comment can be added below.