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Friday, January 23, 2009

Changing the Tripod Platform or 1/4-20 Tripod Screw

Several Tiltall photogs have bent their tripod platform or have somehow "altered" their tripod screw. Both can be changed - not easy, but not too difficult. You will need either a new platform (#1 above) or new threaded screw (#2 above), plus a new replacement rubber pad (#3, 3a above). We will also need a small Philips screw driver, a small Dremel tool and epoxy.

Remove the old rubber pad on top of your camera platform to expose four screw placements filled with resin. Remove resin with Dremel with appropriate grinding shape. Remove screws. Do not loose the spring that is about jump up and run off. Remove old tripod screw from knurled knob (#4 above) by carefully pressing it out of the knob. Replace with new thread, taking care that the fitting in the knurled knob is secure - a little epoxy might be in order here. Replace spring. Replace the tripod platform with four screws. Fill in the four divots with epoxy or similar. Apply new rubber pad to platform. Exploded drawing maybe useful to get a sense of the process.

I have tripod screw / knurl knob assemblies and will try to replace the above photo with better stepped photos.