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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bush in the Hand is Worth Two. . .

Some notes on the Tiltall leg "bushings":   Hi Gary,  I have a question about the TEP-10 and TEP-11 bushings. At $8 a set, do you mean for all three legs, or just one?

Gene- Sorry I am not clear - I have corrected on the order page. The $8 is for the two nylon pieces needed for ONE leg section - and the $8 does not include the outside knurled metal sleeve.  Note that the original Marchioni and the Leitz iteration uses inner brass bushes.  My leg bushes at present are the nylon iteration following the lead of the StarD NYC variant.  The cleaning instructions that follow usually solves the problem for ALL TILTALL variants using the bushes you already own.

What I recommend - First thought is usually adding some new lubrication.  But new lube on top of old lube often does not do the trick because the problem is a very fine grit that, over time and use, has worked its way into the existing lube and onto the bushes and also into the fine thread of the legs and metal sleeve aka outside bush. New lube probably is only adding to the sticking problem.

My suggestion is - not buying new bushes - but a careful and gentle cleaning of bushes and all screw threads of the leg and knurled metal sleeves - AND the legs themselves - first with soft brushes (toothbrush?) using water and a bit of lightweight detergent, moving next to simple hand soap and then after the thorough rinse with water - then that re-lube. In the case of the Marchioni and Leitz, following this cleaning, I understand that reversing the brass bushes can give new life to your Tiltall legs.  So, in all cases, to paraphrase Shakespeare, "a bush in the hand, is worth two in mine".  Sorry, Bill! -Gary