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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Travel tips and fantasies

Harold Sweet, of Samy's Camera Rental in Los Angeles, tells me that the Tiltall handles live in the center column during travel - easy with today's TEP6 base (A, right). Also works with the Leitz and Machioni "ring".   Then, just like they tell you on the aeroplane- "put your head between your legs" (B, right) and you will be a more successful Tiltall traveller.

[Don't forget to click on the photo to enlarge]

Now we enter the realm of wishful thinking - my lightly altered travel Tiltall (C, right) has three removable legs, actually three Tiltall four section Monopods.  This custom version is the same overall height extension as the standard Tiltall.  See the parts disassembled in the final frame (D). Note the formerly traditional Tiltall tripod head is now removable and tiny, only one pivot, not two - and three handles, not four.

What's so important as to shave off five inches (20 cm) from the length of a tripod?  At 21 inches, you can carry the Tiltall onboard the airplane under the 9x14x22 inch dimensioning rules for carry-on baggage.

Does this tripod exist? No and maybe - how many do you want?