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Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Tiltallsupport's Side Arm Clamp - Easy

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A] Remember when we said "Buy our 'headless' monocolumn option to add a monoball, gimbal or fluid head to the classic Tiltall tripod. Especially, for those who did not want to destroy their Tiltall head and column assembly in the process." No?  Take a read here.

So, as photo above, to create an inexpensive "lateral side arm" for overhead images of books, flowers, eBay objects, etc - buy this altered SuperClamp, go find your un-destroyed Tiltall head and column assembly and, on top of that monocolumn you purchased earlier - dah, dah, an inexpensive side arm.  Read on, but price of altered SuperClamp with shipping is $27.50  Order/inquire here.

B] the Altered SuperClamp - for reasons known only to the designers of Manfrotto, Matthews and Kupo - their SuperClamp has a 1/4-20 or M6 hole in the center of its base - I have never learned why - and why M6, folks?  Either case, not so good for attaching to 3/8-16 threaded tripod columns.  Yes, you could buy the appropriate adapter insert to join a photo standard 3/8-16 thread - we have all tried this and learned that by the third photograph - mysteriously - the adapter insert has loosened, so as to be completely worthless.  Why not simply tap the center hole to 3/8-16 and be done with it? So, the idea is free - get a tap, grab one of your SuperClamps and cut to it.  But if you just want to buy one - price $27.50 with USPS priority post.    Order/inquire here.

C] Telescoping Side Arm - which brings us to either, "I cant find my original Tiltall head/column" or "I would need more reach than the original "head/column" provides."  Get a SuperClamp with a second telescoping monocolumn.  Priced separately, an altered SuperClamp is $27.50 as above and a telescoping monocolumn is $55 as here.  Purchased together with shipping - $72.    Order/inquire here.

Note- not so much with the short Tiltall head/column, but with the longer telescoping monocolumn, expect to need a counterweight for balance - a second SuperClamp and shotbag, nah, joking.  Strapping tape and a water bottle will do just fine.