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Monday, May 9, 2016

Especially Tiltall feet and leg bushings. . .

I answer this question weekly.  OK, not every week, but every third week.  Current production of feet and leg bushings, in particular - see the many and several previous blog posts - DO NOT match the feet and leg bushings of any earlier iterations - not any, not nearly, nada.  Here is my typical response, on a good day. . .

ScottyOne-   My suggestion - in your case - the feet and bushings - is to commit the ancient, honored, but not forgotten, art of cannibalism. That is, check eBay and buy an identical Tiltall tripod. AND, by "identical", very important, we mean identical! be it a Leitz or Marchioni Tiltall, a StarD or Uniphot Tiltall or Kinghome or (you name it) Tiltall - there are eight or more legit iterations plus others forms of tripods using the brand "Tiltall" - so be absolutely certain to get an identical matching one. This is not difficult - this forewarning is more than enough for your success.

Then blend your two identical Tiltalls into one perfect unit. AND! . .there is this market, if you have the time . . .offer up (AKA "part out") your remaining un-used handles, column, bushings and feet on eBay and get back more than what you paid for the entire second unit - less your time ofcourse. -Gary

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