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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bunny Yeager used a Tiltall

FYI- Bunny Yeager used a Tiltall
7:36 AM (32 minutes ago)
-Joe Farace


  1. I like this photos - and I also notice a Rolleiflex.

    I have four Rolleis - two I purchased as a young man, two I inherited from my mom. And I just purchased an original Tiltall. While it cost me some coin, it was worth it, as I've long wanted a Tiltall, and denied myself for reasons I can't explain.

    It's silver, which is the only kind of Tiltall I've ever seen in person. and now that the dam has broken, I'm half tempted to purchase a new version, too, in black.

  2. given your family of Rolleis, I would suggest watching EBay for a Leitz iteration of TILTALL. A new KingHome TILTALL from Adorama is about $130 with shipping. A good used Leitz TITALL might run from $150 to $200 on EBay - well worth the cost and the trouble.



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